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Sep 1, 2019

Scry so serious?

The saga of John Dee continues in a massive second part of the episode. The second half of John Dee's life was even wilder than his first, scrying with Edward Kelley and writing down the angelic language. Flora continues an incredibly deep dive into the polymath's life, detailing his actions with...

Aug 7, 2019

Dee-viously Dee-lightful history!

Flora is back with the beginning of a mega episode all about John Dee! Conjurer, magus, sorcerer, astrologer - these are but a few things the 16th century polymath John Dee was called. History knows him as a smart man who chose an occult path. He cast horoscopes. Talked with angels....

Sep 17, 2012

After a fun day at the local Renaissance Faire, the boys are ready to talk Tesla. A man who was indeed before his time, Nikola Tesla fought through trial and tribulation to make the world a better place with his … Read More

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Aug 28, 2012

The Davids kick off the inaugural episode of Blurry Photos by talking about the life and times of The Beast himself, Aleister Crowley. Perhaps best known for his occultism and black magick practices, Crowley had many interests and was influential … Read More

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