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Aug 25, 2017

Grab your spare coins and red thread, Blurry Photos are jumping across the Pacific to look at Jiangshi, Chinese Hopping Vampires! A monster of Chinese folklore, Jiangshi, Chinese Hopping Vampires are curious, sometimes creepy sometimes whimsical undead creatures with interesting … Read More

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Aug 19, 2017

David and Dave volunteer to take a trip to Tennessee and look into the legend of the Bell Witch! Called America’s greatest ghost story, the Bell Witch is an old southern folklore legend of paranormal activity that is said to … Read More

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Aug 5, 2017

Ken Hite and the boys kick up a righteous haboob talking about lost desert cities in this episode! Buried in sand, swallowed by sinkholes, or destroyed by divine powers, the middle and near-east is supposedly full of lost desert cities, … Read More

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