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Jan 4, 2018

BullStone 32: December 2017

Stecco's last hurrah

Dave returns for a final BullStone before riding off into the sunset. Space talk, UFOs, and a weird humanoid photo are the topics du jour for Stecco's last official Blurry Photos (and BullStone) appearance. With the winds of disclosure blowing stronger than ever, the recent news of government UFO research is discussed. The public reception, talk of new alloys, and what it all might mean for us are looked at. Meanwhile on earth, an Argentinian photographer captures a strange humanoid shape during a shoot. Could it be some kind of entity or just a trick of the lens? The Davids discuss these and detail out some thoughts as Stecco bids farewell on this episode of BullStone! NY Times UFO Story Metal Alloys in Vegas NASA's $1 billion Missions Necochea Beach Humanoid   With music by Diablo Swing Orchestra