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Oct 5, 2017

BullStone 31: Gettin' Strange, September 2017

September science stories!

September was full of science-y stuff, and this BullStone has some fun news stories from it! David and Dave fly solo to discuss the National Quiet Zone, UFOs in the UK, and bloodstream-powered generators in this BullStone. Some questions raised including whether or not electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a real condition, how much Monsanto affects scientific papers, and the what was up with the sighting of UFOs by a Yorkshire couple. Even Pliny the Elder gets his grubby little skull into the fray. The topics are only the jumping-off point, as interesting discussion follows in this thought-provoking and fascinating edition of Blurry Photos' monthly weird news show! Quiet Zone and EHS Electric Blood Monsanto Meddling UK UFOs Pliny's Skull?   With music by Diablo Swing Orchestra   BullStone 31: Gettin' Strange, September 2017