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Jul 29, 2016

Blurry Photos are bringing the heat with some sizzling July BullStone strangeness! Flora and Stecco have found some news from the medical world, space, cycling, NASA, and a peppering of other oddities for this BullStone. How much brain does one … Read More

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Jul 21, 2016

The Davids put a microscope on one of history’s most notorious dealers of evil, Josef Mengele. Known for his time as a doctor at Auschwitz during WWII, Josef Mengele came to be called the Angel of Death for his role … Read More

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Jul 14, 2016

Time to log on and disappear, the boys of Blurry Photos are diving into the Dark Web! A part of our connected world that many don’t even think about, the Dark Web is full of urban legends and touted as … Read More

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Jul 8, 2016

Flora and Stecco break out the barbecue and hitch up the camper for another round of campfire ghost stories! Taking a break from the rather gritty subjects lately, the boys of Blurry Photos regale with some truly bad campfire ghost … Read More

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