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Jan 26, 2015

David and Dave return to form with a search for the legendary Fouke Monster! An Arkansas cryptid that has been called the “Southern Sasquatch,” the Fouke Monster came on the radar with a 70’s movie but may have been around … Read More

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Jan 16, 2015

Blurry Photos have reached a milestone, and the celebration is on with an episode dedicated to the Holy Grail! The Davids do a little something different in this episode, crafting a complete 40s-style radio play to educate and entertain you, … Read More

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Jan 5, 2015

Candy Chat is back for an after-holidays episode! Blurry Photos is nice enough to host Betty and Tabitha’s show on sugar and treatise on treats. Owing to an unfortunate oversight on the way home from Pigglydog, the ladies are surprised … Read More

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